April 07, 2008

Conference Weekend

What a weekend! Since we don't have the 'EXTREME CABLE', we don't have access to conference...on our tv. But we do have internet. Oh how I love technology. Our family gathered in my craft room to watch conference on the internet. It was so cozy.

I loved Saturday mornings session! What a treat it was for all of us to sustain our new prophet. AND to stand in our respective quorums and auxillaries and sustain each other. I thought that was so special. Our kids got to see all those in the conference center stand and sustaining the members of the church. I almost cried because I could feel the spirit so strongly. We are so blessed to have prophets on the earth today.

After conference, we hit COSTCO and Walmart for groceries. Then it was SPRING CLEANING! Hurray. I love spring cleaning. We took the girls bunkbeds apart and put a dresser in between their beds. One dresser, 2 shoes racks, and a toy cubie in the closet. Love it. But now you see all wall above their beds. Guess that means I have to find some inexpensive way to decorate. Oh, Lynette! I cleaned the girls room, including emptying their drawers of clothes they have outgrown, don't wear, or have holes. It was so fun. And B took the boys room. I felt so happy afterwards. And the girls love their 'new' room.

B went off to Priesthood Session and just before he walked out the door a thought came to me. All the women in Utah were heading out to shop while all their husbands we going to this session of conference. Nielson's Custard would be BUSY in 2 hours. This is their busiest night of the year. Or at least one of them. (Leah, do you miss working there?)

Sunday, the kids pulled out all our scrapbook albums and looked through them. What a fun idea. I was reminded of so many wonderful adventures. While looking at the very first scrapbook I compiled, F kept asking, 'Where is me?' To which I replied, 'You are still in heaven with M and A. I bet you were playing tag or hide and seek with them.' I made Emilie's yummy rolls for dinner with a twist. I decided to add a little wheat to them. We have to be prepared to eat it and so I have been trying a few recipes that it might taste okay with. While they were rising we took a walk and it was such a windy afternoon. They should call our little town the 'Windy City'. Forget Chicago.

I love conference weekends. They are so uplifting and satisfying. What a great way to feed your soul.


Lisa said...

I love conference weekend too! The conference was great - it's just so fun to sit around with your husband and kids (in your pajamas) and feel the spirit. What could be better! Oh, and then some great spring cleaning. Perfect!

Veronica said...

I am DYING for a good spring cleaning day!! I need to hit the store something terrible for a bunch of storage totes and stuff. Why do kids have to outgrow clothes so fast?? Conference was so special!!

Bellblogging said...

I agree, a huge treat to be able to sustain our new prophet! As we raised our hands so did Kira, she thought she was so cool!!

Yahoo, spring cleaning. Love those days to rearange and get organized!

I'm ready for Cheesecake factory again, when you coming? We miss you guys!

Miles and Bex said...

We also loved Saturday conference this year too! I loved watching the prophet after he was sustained by each group in the church. What an amazing feeling!!!! Glad you had such a great weekend

Joey & nettifer said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful weekend! I think it is amazing that President Monson will be our kids prophet - love it!

Joey & nettifer said...

PS lets get crafty with the girls room!

Melissa said...

I loved it too. Elder Ballard's talk was awesome of course. And I always love hearing from Elder Eyring and of course our new prophet. We watch on the internet too!!

heather said...

What a refreshing little post! Conference and spring and clean stuff and little angels playing tag in heaven. What a sweet little vision. I miss you guys!!! You're such a hero to me. Sure do love yer little family.
Heather S.