April 09, 2008

Let the MADNESS begin

This is our weekly afternoon schedule for the next 2 1/2 months.

Monday Soccer Practice 4-5pm . Baseball Game 5:30-6:30pm . Bedtime 7:30pm
Tuesday Piano 5-5:30pm. Baseball Practice 5:30pm till dark . Bedtime 7:30pm
Wednesday Scouts/ Achievement Days 7-8pm . Bedtime 7:30pm
Thursday Soccer Practice 4-5pm
Saturday Soccer and Baseball Games all morning.

You know the funny thing is I am really stressed out about our schedule but when I lay it out like this it doesn't really look that bad.
Oh how I love kids sports! I really do. I enjoy watching my kids learn and succeed. I love when they score a goal and they look at me with that 'Did you see that, Mom? I SCORED!' look on their faces. Joy. Joy is the feeling I get when I see them having the time of their lives. It's just the timing. Every year games and practices seem to overlap. Sometimes I wish there was 2 of me. One for K and one for A. Of course I would eventually need 3 of me when all the kids are doing this. But we love it. I can't think of anything better than watching my children progress and achieve at something they love to do. It's the best.


ishybeanie said...

I love it too, we are struggling with it this year. they are so competitive here that Kaden sits on the bench 3 innings during a 4 to 5 inning game. when you sit on the bench you are out of the batting line up. It is so frustering going to a recreational baseball game and see you kid hit once and play right field 1-2 innings. Oh but who cares they won that is all that matters when it is all said and done isn't it. thanks for letting me vent

guinevere said...

You have such a great attitude about this particular topic. I, myself have been complaining! I need to follow your lead and try to savor more of those moments that will be gone soon. Tell your kids to keep up the great work!

The Seaquist Family said...

I am laughing out loud right now because I just finished that schedule. And I am now doing the happy dance and loving that I can do whatever I want with my kids when they get home from school. I too love that feeling of "Did you see that Mom?" and I am so happy when they are successful, but oh it is so nice when it is over. So good luck...and in 2 1/2 months you can do that happy dance too!

Miles and Bex said...

That looks a lot like our schedule! Our lives are already so stressful with just trying to feed, clean and keep kids happy. Then we add all the extra stuff. I know how your feel. Even if it doesn't seem like a lot it is so much. But your kids will appreciate it so much!

Joey & nettifer said...

Ditto! I love having M doing such wonderful things. I have crazy days to, but it doesn't stress me out anymore. It is wonderful! You are such a good mama!

Kristi said...

Busy busy, but I love your attitude about it. Watching your kids learn and succeed is the best!!

Jylaire said...

You make me tired just reading your schedule! I now feel less stressed about my own!