April 18, 2008

No School

Thursday, this kids were out of school for 'teacher inservice'. And it was such a beautiful day! We decided to go on a little hike. I've been told that there are quite a few hiking trails in our area so we decided to take one. We started at 'Our Park' and hiked to the top of a hill where the town's water tank and cemetary are located. From there we could see our entire town. The kids found their school and Smith's. They saw the town sheep and the Carson river. It was kind of pretty. And by kind of, I mean, it was desert...so not that green.

Then we hiked west of the water tank and could see a neighboring town and more rolling hills. As we were walking up there I started to sing....'the hills are alive, with the sound of music'. K looked at me in embarrasement. I have been fighting a cold so my voice was really scratchy but I told her that we could sing as loud as we wanted and no one would hear us. So I continued to sing songs from 'The Sound of Music' and the kids all started to dance. It was so cute. Life is a musical.

After our adventure hike, we played at 'Our Park' for awhile. The kids had fun showing me how they play on the monkey bars and those other bars that you can do tricks on. You know the high bars you did Cherry Drops from and spun around on your knees. I tried to do those spins but it hurt the back of my knee. I was a lot skinnier back then. The high bar holds a very vivid memory for me. I told the kids that one day on the playground, when I was almost 8 years old, my friends and I decided to each get on a bar and do Cherry Drops. I got the highest bar and we all assumed our positions. We started to swing. Higher and higher. One, two, three...drop. Instead of landing on my feet, like you're suppose to, I landed on my hands and knees. My right hand went through the sand onto the concrete. I pulled my arm out and looked at my arm in shock. It was broken but I thought I could straighten it out. After that didn't work I went to the playground teacher. I didn't start to cry until the look on her face became frightened. A and K thought that was an exciting story. And asked questions about it the entire way home. To round off our day, we ate lunch outside on the patio and the kids would pull up there pant legs and ask me if they were white. We need to tan them up.

We had a wonderful day. And now the weather is cooling down again. This morning I am making wheat pizza dough with a friend. It should be exciting.


danielle and jason said...

You are such a fun mom!! :)

ishybeanie said...

you do live a desert. i was expecting more green. what a fun day of exploring.

Joey & nettifer said...

what an awesome fun filled day. I love how you can make a positive out of everything and i would have paid money to hear you sing the sound of music. I truly love that movie - classic!
Your backyard looks soooo good!
If I handed out awards. I would give you one for being such a fun mom!
Love seeing your cute kids. Can I come viist?

Jylaire said...

what a fun day! I can totally relate to the cherry bomb scenario. I LIVED on those crazy high bars as a kid. How I never broke a bone, I'll never know.