April 21, 2008

Sports Saturday

K and A had their soccer and baseball games over the weekend. It was chilly too. K's team lost 0-4. The score would have been a lot closer if they would have listened to their coaches and played their positions. How do you get 4th and 5th graders to do what you tell them. I was so frustrated. You tell them to pass to a team mate for kick off and they boot is down the field instead. You tell them to stay on their side so they conserve their energy and they play the entire field and wonder why they are so tired. Come on!
A's team on the other hand, WON! A got on base everytime. We were so proud of him. And this is so like him. At the beginning of every season he is very rusty. But once he gets into the groove of things he shines. He played an awesome game and even played 2nd base! Love that position. He did great.
We fed the missionaries for dinner. Lasagna, salad, and Emilie's homemade rolls! YUMMY! And for dessert I made a strawberry and blueberry trife. Oh it was so good. We all slept good last night. Still working with F to sleep in his bed. He normally comes in twice every night. So tiring. And the fun starts all over again today.

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