May 19, 2008

Another Saturday

Saturday was once again filled with a soccer game and a baseball game, cleaning the house, a Primary Activity and playing in the sprinklers.

K's soccer game was very interesting. It was Silent Saturday. All the coaches and parents couldn't talk. We couldn't talk to our players, except for before the game, subs, and half time. If anyone spoke to the players they were given a lollipop to stick in their mouths. I wish I had my video camera because we all looked like a bunch of fools trying to use our best hand signals and facial expressions. The Minatuars did a great job the first half. The second half they did an okay job. The game ended in a tie 3-3.

A's baseball game was good. It was hot and we sat under the only columner tree out there. A did a great job. We still have to work on staying away from the high pitches... The other team was on fire! Wacking the ball to the out field every time..they were really pumped and it was kind of hard for us because we were short players, our coach is a lazy @#!*@, has to work every Saturday, so his 2 kids don't come! I have issues with him. Anywho...the kids did really well. Brandon has been able to help on Saturdays with warm ups and base coaching. I think he really enjoys doing that. He's really good with the boys.

While the kids went to their Primary Activity, I worked on my temple dress and Brandon washed the cars. F played XBox. When the kids got home they pulled out the slip and slide and tried to beat the heat. They were successful and didn't want to come in for dinner. They were out there for 3 hours.

This is how I found F. Trying to get warm. Silly boy. I just love him. Yes, that's a snow sled.

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ishybeanie said...

kid pitch is hard expecally your first year. love the slip and slide.