August 02, 2008

Long Week

This week the kids started swim lessons. For 2 weeks we head into Carson and swim for 30 min. This week...every day but Monday, we ran errands right after. So fun to be in town. The kids love their classes. Even F. It always takes him about 5 min. to warm up but then he's off swimming like a fish.

Brandon was out of town this week. He called me from Palm Springs...'I have been sitting in front of my air conditioner for 20 min. and I am still sweating! Why do you want to live here?' Oh, I love the heat!

Thursday, we went with friends to Sand Harbor again. It is so beautiful up there I just can't get enough of it. We decided to go up right after swim lessons. So Wednesday night I got all the dry foods ready in a know like goldfish, pretzels, chips, etc. Then Thursday morning I got all the food that needed to go in the cooler packed. I made my list of things to pack...towels, sunscreen, extra swim suits, camera, cellphone, money, etc. I checked everything off my list and we were off to swim lessons. We were running a little behind and when we got there...Arianne told us that she had forgotten her cooler of food and needed to go back to get it.

So Jenni and I told her to go back and we would take care of her kids till she got back. As she was walking out the door I remembered that I didn't pack the life jackets. I caught up with her and asked if she wouldn't mind running by my house to get them. I gave her my keys and she was on her way. 30 later she calls to tell me that she could only find 2 and that she would stop on the way back from her house to look one more time. I told her that we would take her kids to Wal-Mart, Jenni and I had to buy beach umbrellas, and would meet her in the parking lot. Swim lessons get over at 9:30. And it was 9:45.

Meanwhile, I went to get cash from the ATM and was on my way back when I thought, 'Ask Kennidy if she packed the life jackets.' So when I got back to the pool, the kids were all playing on the lawn at this point, I asked Kennidy about the life jackets. 'Yeah, we packed M's and F's.' she said. Oh did I feel horrible. Arianne was on her way back to my house to have another look. It was 10:00 and Jenni and I quickly called anyone we could think of that would have Arianne's cell number. No one had it. Finally we got a hold of my neighbor, Emily, and asked her to keep an eye out for Arianne and to let her know that we had the other life jackets.

We got all the kids loaded in our two vans by 10:15 and were on our way to Wal-Mart. By the time we bought our umbrellas and found Arianne it was 11:20. Jenni kept saying, 'It's a good thing we have all day!' The day was swiftly running away from us. If any of our husbands had been there they would have been so mad at all of us. Good thing they were out of town! So then we were finally on our way.

The drive was slow up the mountain because of construction and when I thought the slow was over...all three of us got stuck behind a semi hauling asphalt. Remember that primary song about the pioneer ox carts moving 'OH HOW SLOW!' That's what came to mind as we inched our way up the mountain.

We finally reached Sand hour later. Connie had saved us a spot in a nice cove. Thanks so much, Connie. After getting settled, reparking the car, putting sunscreen on everyone...we could relax. The kids had so much fun playing in the water with all their friends. I think we stayed almost 5 hours. It was so nice to be there with friends.

Friday, we had our carpets cleaned, M and F played at the Evans', A played at the Workman's, K and I went to Costco and Wal-Mart, and K had a sleepover at Emma's house. They were going to sleep on the tramp until they heard coyotes. She had a good time with her friend.

Saturday, Brandon came home from Palm Springs and his Roman and Melissa came to visit on their way to the Idaho Cabin. The kids love being with their cousins. They are all such good friends.

What a week we've had. I am so happy that July is over and we can now enjoy one more week of swim lessons, one week of no commitements, feed the missionaries, enjoy having Rachel, Emilie, and Leah visit, and then it's back to school. We have had a great summer.


Bellie said...

It looks like you have been having lots of fun in the water. That place looks gorgeous, it's so beautiful, its like out of a travel magazine!

Joey, nettifer and Madelyn said...

Wow seriously! So much fun! I am coming! Lets talk!

The Seaquist Family said...

That place looks so wonderful. I have to tell you, now that we have moved once again I am continually impressed that you have moved so much and every time you do you seem to adjust so well and make everything (appear at least) to work so smoothly. How far away is all of this from you? Sounds like you have some great friends. Maybe one day we'll live a little closer.

danielle and jason said...

Looks fun. With all that time in the sun, I bet you are way too tan! :) Have you read the 4th book yet?