August 08, 2008


Swim Lessons came to a close on Thursday and what a fun last day. F and M went off the diving boards and K, A, and M got to go down the waterslide! What fun.

K learned how to do the breaststroke kick 50 yds, backstroke 50 yds, swim under water 3 body lengths, shallow dive off diving block, 10 min. swim all strokes 50 yds each, sidestroke 50 yds, front crawl 50 yds. Way to go, K!
A learned to do the breaststroke, beginning butterfly, backstoke, swithcaroo (don't really know what that is), front glide 2 body lengths. You did great, A!

M learned how to dive from the side, jumps into deep water, beginning back crawl, front glide 2 body lengths, 15 bobs, jellyfish float, 'monkey, tree, rocketship' arms, retrieve objects under water, combined stroke on front, back glide, front glide, flutter kick, jump in and turn to grab wall, diving board. Super swimming, M!

F learned to do the back float, jellyfish float, 'monkey, tree, rocketship', retrieve objects under water, turning over front to back, combined stroke on front, motorboat, motorboat, submersion to chest, get out of water at side of pool, blow bubbles, kicking in front, front float with help, stands up from float, hump in and turn to grab wall, bobs. You are an awesome swimmer, F!
After swim was over...we headed to Sand Harbor. AGAIN.
We love this place. Especially when our friends come. The older kids got enough courage to jump off the smaller rocks today. They were so pleased with themselves.
We had a great time with the Heussers and Workmans. Thanks for coming with us friends!


Darcy said...

I can't believe the summer is almost gone! Urhg! I haven't made it to Sand Harbor yet. That's it, I'm totally going for the next two weeks.

The Draper's Mo,Matt, Mase, Max said...

Your kids are way too cute. I love the swimming pics. Wow!! I think I would go to Sand Harbor everyday, it looks so beautiful!

Veronica said...

Oh your talk about K's swimming brings back so many memories of my first years on swim team. All those beginning steps and the way they count your strokes and ability. I miss it! Glad the kids did well in lessons!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like the swim lessons were a great success! Cute pics. :)

I want my kids to learn how to swim, but there's just no where to do it really because there's no community pools without paying an arm and a leg. Most people have a pool as part of their neighborhood around here. . . .but ours doesn't have that. :(

Camera Envy said...

Nice pics with your nice cam! I'm jealous. Thx 4 the fun!