September 13, 2008

Let The Games Begin

Soccer . Piano . Baking Classes . Book Club . Sewing Classes . Cub Scouts . Activity Days . Visiting Teaching . Feeding the Missionaries . Preschool . Tennis . Volunteer at School

6:00 Tennis (Me)
4:00 Soccer Practice (K)

9:00 Preschool (F)
9:00 Tennis (Me)
10:30 Volunteer at the Elementary School
11:30 Preschool Ends (F)
5:30 Soccer Mtg. with new Coach (M)
8:30 Basketball (Brandon)

6:00 Tennis (Me)
3:45 Piano (K)
4:15 Baking Class (K)
5:30 Soccer Practice (M)
7:00 Cub Scouts/Activity Days (A & K)
9:00 Basketball (Brandon)

4:00 Soccer (K)
5:00 Picnic Dinner
5:30 Soccer (M)
7:00 Enrichment
9:00 Smallville Season 7

6:00 Tennis (Me)
10:30 Visiting Teaching
6:45 Smallville Season 7

6:30 Tennis (Brandon)
9:30 Soccer Game (K)
12:00 Soccer Game (M)
6:00 Feeding the Missionaries
7:15 Smallville Season 7

Along with the start of school each fall, all the sports and extra curricular activities start. K and Emma started their Baking class this week. They'll have baking and sewing with me and book club with Connie. Brandon and I are loving Smallville. M loves soccer. This is her first year playing and she did really well in her game! And K scored a goal in hers. Way to go, girls! This fall is going to be crazy as always. I have added early morning tennis to my schedule because I am sick of going to a gym with no classes. I felt like a chicken with her head cut off this week with all the after school activities. But let the games begin.


Bellblogging said...

Busy, Busy! And there is always something you forget right?? Good luck!

danielle and jason said...

You are like Wonder Woman...when I grow up, I want to be you...:)

cmshort said...

Thats why I am only planning a couple of kids. I think my head would explode. You rock.

Kristi said...

Busy, but fun! I have a love/hate relationship with all the things we have going on! But really I think I love it!

Darcy said...

And as if you didn't have enough to do, they give you a new high demand calling!

Miles and Bex said...

Wow! I thought my schedule was busy. Hope you survive!

Miss Mo said...

You are simply amazing!! How fun for your kids. They are lucky to have such a wonderful mom. Way to go!!

Mike, Jules, Gabee and Izee said...

Okay... She is almost a teenager... Have you guys really been gone THAT long??