November 17, 2008

Date Night

Friday, Brandon and I met some couples at B'sghettis for dinner. We had never eaten there before but were very optimistic. We like trying new things. Brandon ordered the Chicken Parmesean and I orded the 'Bada Bing' pizza. It was so yummy.
Then we were off to see 'Quantum of Solace'...the new James Bond movie.

We had a great time at dinner...laughing, talking about whatever...our favorite and least favorite foods...I love getting together with Patricia, Larry, Andy, and Christine. I always have fun with them.

The movie was good. I liked 'Casino Royale' a little better. More of a story line. This one was action packed, though. Lots of...moving things, things blowing up...your typical Bond movie. Good times. By the time we got home, all the kids were in bed and the house was so quiet. We were shocked that they were all in bed and asleep. Way to go, Elena! And thanks, Larry, Patricia, Christine, and Andy for hanging out with us. We had a great time!


Emilie said...

"Casino Royale" was sooooo much better than "Quantum...", but no matter, the new Bond is still hottie pants and fun to look at! :o)

Emilie said...

I know this has nothing to do with this particular post...but just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY today sis! Luvs! Have a great day!