November 12, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Nine years ago today, A was born! We were so excited to have a baby boy and Brandon couldn't wait to teach him how to play basketball and football...any sport for that matter.

Here's a list of A's top 10 list of things he likes to do:

1. Play with his friends. (Kobey Workman, especially)

2. XBox 360 Star Wars Lego

3. Collect Pokemon Trading Cards

4. Go to Cub Scouts (He's a BEAR!)

5. Being in Mrs. Benson's 3rd grade class

6. Enjoys the company of his siblings...especially during 'quiet time' on Sunday afternoons

7. Going to Lake Tahoe in the summer

8. Baseball is his favorite sport

9. Transformer Chess

10. Getting presents for his birthday
Happy Birthday, A. We love you and hope your day is awesome!


foxie4 said...

Staci you kill me!! We need to hang out!!! Wanna come over!!! HEHHEHE. I will try drinking more
H2O!! Skee needs a change so I am growing it out!!!

Melissa said...

Happy birthday A!!! It'll be fun to play chess at Christmas time. I can't believe you're nine!!

ishybeanie said...

about your comment on my blog, i just want to live in a place where i am not counting down when we get to leave. maybe we will meet up in boise one day. happy birthday a

guinevere said...

Happy birthday kiddo!! We LOVE birthday boys!!