November 10, 2008

HEART my friends and my husband

You all made me feel so much better about our family pictures. I am so glad that I am not the ONLY one is this world that has issues. Thank you for sharing and easing my frustration. All is right in my world now.

Our first attempt at the Lake was 10 times better...I came to find out after the 2nd attempts failure...and we will be sending one of those pictures out with our Christmas cards.

It's funny for me to think that last year...November first...I was completely done with my Christmas cards and mailed them off on December first. This year I am so behind on everything. Gifts, cards...everything. However, I have a smile on my face and a family who love me.

I've been battling a cold this weekend and loving best friend, gave me a great gift. Sunday is a day of mtgs., before and after church, for me so Brandon got the kids ready for church, complete with hair bows for the girls and a faux hawk for F. They looked so handsome coming into church. After church he took them home and fed them lunch. When I came home the kids were in 'quiet time' and so I quickly got a bite to eat and then got into bed to rest. Brandon made sure the kids stayed in 'quiet time' and when 'quiet time' was over...he made sure they stayed out of 'mom's room' so I could rest. He made dinner for everyone and got them into their pajamas. He did the dishes and cleared the kitchen table after dinner. After family prayer he took F to his bed and laid down with him until he was fast asleep.

I really take him for granted and yesterday while he was busy doing so many of the things I usually do...tears came to my eyes and my heart tingled with joy for how much I love him. He does so much good for our family. He loves to play and wrestle with the kids and he has such a tender place in his heart for each of us. I am so blessed to have him in my life. So yesterday in the midst of craziness, I thanked my Heavenly Father for sending him to me.

Brandon, you are my best friend. You are the love of my life. My favorite husband (inside joke). The best father for our children and I love you. You do an amazingly fabulous job providing for our family. There are no words than can capture the love and joy you have brought into my life. I hope one day, in the eternities maybe, I will be able to show you how much love I have for you.


Heather Jones said...

I am not a professional but I think your pictures are darling. You have a beautiful family which helps. I have not even wanted to attempt to take our families for fear that I will have a nervous brake down and I don't even do them myself. I think it is so hard to get clothes and everyone happy and looking good without a bump or bruise showing. What a sweet husband to help you well you are sick. Todd will try sometimes but I usually still end up doing stuff. Hope you fell better soon.

heather said...

Sigh... what a love story! You are truly blessed! Miss ya...
Heather Strong

Darcy said...

What a cute picture!!! I had no idea you had a cold on sunday, you looked great. I can't believe you don't have all your stuff done yet, what could possibaly be keeping you so busy! ;)