February 16, 2009


Four simple directions.
1. Go to your computer 'photos' file.
2. Click on the fourth file you see.
3. Choose the fourth picture in that file.
4. Journal about that picture...who, what, where, when, and why.

Here's mine.
We took a trip with Aunt Leah to check out her new school summer of 2005. Utah State College. Go Aggies! I was having fun with my (new) camera and wanted to see what kind of closeups I could produce. This is A. He was 5 and was so cute! And that smile is contagious. He's grown a bit now and sometimes I wish he were still a little boy.

1 comment:

PhillipsFam said...

that is a super cute picture - ofcourse your picture on that tag was cute, mine was so boring and blah.....