February 21, 2009


We tried to sign F up for baseball...but he was too young, again. And he has no desire to play soccer...so we signed him up for swim lessons! He was way excited. And I got excited when I realized that it would be during the day and not during after school sports and madness! Hurray. F learned how to float on his back and use his arms and legs to move through the water. He really enjoyed showing me that he could walk to the 'deep' end and look, 'No hands!' What a cutie. Love you, F.
Friday is was a pretty day so I took the kids to the park with friends to play. They had fun kicking the soccer ball around and playing tag. The girls were playing something that looked like house but with tons of sticks! What fun.
I spent most of the day trying to get rid of spyware, malware, and trojans. Luckily my knight is shining armor came to my rescue. Thanks, honey!
And lastly, M and F are feeling so much better. I kept M home from school on Tuesday and ventured out...because I couldn't stand being home one more day. Well I paid for it. We were checking out and M starts walking away from me. I called to her but she kept walking. 'Is she delirious?' I thought. I called again and she spun around with her hand over her mouth and her cheeks puffed out. The cashier said, 'Oh! Just go!' So we ran to the bathroom and she threw up. Poor little girl. I felt terrible. But she's doing much better now.


Leah Re-Etta said...

Hello? You're son is so freaking cute! I miss you guys. Tell F happy birthday for me. 4 years old...right?

Joey and Nettifer said...

look at that sweet face - what a doll and yeah for his own fun thing to do.

Creswell-Hyde Away said...

Sorry about Makinley being sick! I remember those experiences! I MISS them! . . . but am sorry when the kids have to go through it.