April 11, 2009

Canning 101

Thursday our RS rented the Portable Canner from the Home Storage Center in Reno so that we could can our own food! It was hard work but really fun. I really enjoyed myself. Our stake has really been pushing 'Preparedness' this past year. And when I was called to RS Pres. I thought it was time to present all sisters and their families with an opportunity. I asked the Enrichment leader to set up a Canning Day.

I don't know what the rules are around the world but here are some of our Home Storage Center rules.

1. You may only purchase 6 cans per item.
2. You may only purchase a total of 5 boxes (30 cans).
3. You may only can items sold at the Home Storage Center. (Dry pack ONLY)
4. You may purchase Bulk items without serving in the Home Storage Center.

Looking at the list of rules above I found there are many pros to canning yourself. We were able to can as much or little as we want. I left Thursday afternoon with 22 cans of flour, 18 cans of sugar, 6 cans dry milk, 4 cans of hot cocoa, 4 cans of noodles, and 8 cans of spaghetti. When I totaled up my bill...it was so much cheaper to can it myself. I was able to help other sisters with their canning and in turn I received help. AND...my kids helped me. M put in the oxygen packets, A put on the lids, F helped me break spaghetti...this didn't last long, and K labeled all the cans. It was so fun. The kids loaded the van AND unloaded it into A's room without complaining once! I was so surprized with their helping attitudes. I guess the Lord blesses those who follow His commandments. Because these weren't my attitudes of my children who just got home from school. What a blessing. And it feels so good to see that my year supply of food is almost complete.

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