April 11, 2009

Dying Easter Eggs

You know I really enjoy this tradition. It's the prep before hand I don't like. Yesterday was kind of crazy. I got my hair done in the morning...then headed to Smith's for some cookies for A's class...then went to the school to hear A read his pop-up book...then dropped the kids off at the Heusser's...so I could go visit an inactive sister in our ward (with my secretary, Heather) who wasn't there....breathe.
I then picked up the kids and came home to get ready for Easter Eggs. Star Wars Eggs! After everything was ready I could enjoy myself and take pictures of the kids having fun. I let M and F go first.
I wanted to make sure I got pictures of all of them and so dividing up the time was a good thing. They were so cute and had a lot of fun. Then K and A got to have a go at it.
We discovered that the 'wraps' needed to be in HOT water to work so K and A took turns heating water in the microwave. On A's second egg, he heated it one time too many and it EXPLODED in the microwave. Blue dye everywhere!

The funny thing was...the yoke was still in tact and was the exploding agent. It shot right out of the egg! We had a good laugh and I kept my cool. That was the amazing thing. I had blue dye all over my hand that didn't come off till the next day but I took the opportunity to take a pic. and laugh with my kids about it. What a difference that makes.
Anywho...afterwards A took some pics of me dying eggs.

And as I thought about it...he can now mark them off in his Bear book. Yeah! We had so much fun dying eggs. And now know that you shouldn't heat eggs in water in the microwave for more than 45 seconds. LOL!


Nick, Jess and Bridger said...

Cute Hair...love the bangs. Also, is that your new ring? Love it.

Lisa said...

Good thing you laughed and took a picture of the microwave. Wow. What a memory.

Amy said...

How fun! We skipped eggs this year, kinda sad! I love your hair! Way cute!

PhillipsFam said...

ok the exploding egg??? GREAT!! who would have guessed? I laughed really hard! (especially at the part where you said that your not freaking out was the amazing part -I can very much relate!)