April 27, 2009

Chicken Noodle Soup...

for the Visiting Teacher's Soul. Some of you who knew me in Maryland will remember this Visiting Teaching Conference. Terri was our RS President at the time and ever since then I have held onto her program for the VT Conference.

Well Sunday was our conference and we did the same skit...Little Red Hen's New Call. I couldn't believe it was still in circulation when I got on the internet. I made this poster with my wonderful Silhouette. I love it. We are still adding to it. For a handout...we weren't as creative as Terri (poor planning on my part)...I put Jelly Belly's in a small bag and topped them with cute barnyard cards I found at Michael's for a $1.00 (12 in a package). My good friends, Jenni and Kendra, helped me fold all the programs and insert 'Who Do I Report My Visiting Teaching To?'. Thanks so much ladies. Our Bishop spoke along with Kendra and Jeanni. They talked about the challenges and gaining a testimony of VT. It really went well and I am so glad it's over because now I can get on with my life. Hurray!

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