April 27, 2009

Baseball, Soccer, and Tball

We've been so busy with sports this week.

Monday, F had preschool, M had a tball game and K had soccer practise.
Tuesday was a day off from school. Hiking in California.
Wednesday, F had preschool and show and tell, K had an Orthodontist appointment, piano, and soccer practise, and A had a baseball game.
Thursday felt like Friday.
Friday was Daddy/Daughter Game Night and the boys and I went over to the Workman's to play.
Saturday, A had a baseball game, K had a soccer game, and M had tball picuters and a game.

I am worn out just remembering it all.
After M's pictures, I bought the kids lunch at the Snack Shack. They were so happy. I never do this but since we didn't have time to go home for lunch between pictures and her game...I thought I would splurge. They both got a hot dog, chips, drink, and a treat. A got Sour Skittles, a favorite. And M wanted a GINORMOUS PIXY STICK. That thing was half her size. We ate at the park and then off to the field. I love watching these little people play. They are soooooooooooooooooo cute.

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