April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

After the baseball game, our house was clean, and cleaning the church...we had our Easter Egg Hunt. We had a conversation about why we celebrate Easter and why we have an Easter Egg Hunt. I was afraid that our kids weren't getting the importance of Easter...but they are and did.
We let F and M go 5 min. before K and A. They were so excited as they came running through the gate. I just love the looks of excitement on their faces. They all looked high and low...in and out of bushes...under and infront of rocks...while I sat in the middle of our yard snapping picture after picture. I had so much fun. Every 20 sec. they would run over and say, 'Mom, I found another egg!' To which I'd reply, 'Good! Now go find some more!'

They all got tons of candy today. And the weather was so nice that they all decided that they wanted to stay outside and eat it 'like a picnic'. So cute.

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Becky said...

So, what reason did you give for the Easter egg hunt? I felt like we didn't really connect the Easter activities to the real reason for Easter this year and I want to do better next year.