April 11, 2009

Red Sox vs. Tigers

Saturday morning brought nice weather and a baseball game. Oh how I love watching baseball games. But only in the sun without wind. A is hitting awesome! He hit a pop fly that was caught...too bad...and one to the first baseman. But other than that he is doing great!

I don't know what the official score was...the Red Sox said they won but the parents said, 'They hung in there and never gave up' with a sigh at the end. So I am not sure. But I sure had fun watching and cheering them on. In fact, in this league all the parents cheer for ALL the kids...the ones on their team and on the opposing team. It's really neat to hear them call each child by name and cheer them on like they were each their own child. I love it. Brandon got to run the pitching machine again. He really enjoys helping these little guys. It's nice to feel like you're making a difference or that you're important. Whether you're 5, 10, or 35.

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