April 27, 2009


The kids had off today, so Paula suggested we all go on a hike. Hurray! So off to Markliville, California we went. Paula and I took so many pictures. And after 2 hours of editing...I think I have the keepers. I won't post all of them because there are a ton. We couldn't help ourselves. Thanks, Paula. I think all the kids had fun. With the one exception. And we sure tuckered them out!

It was such a beautiful day. F eating lunch with all the girls.I had some fun with editing.The Boys.'Muffin Burger'Creswell . Heusser . WorkmanA's snapshot!THE END! 2 miles each way made for some TIRED kids who all slept on the way home.

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PaulaShawn said...

Imagine my surprise when immediately there was a picture of ME!!! Didn't you see me behind the camera? That's where I like to be. :) Nice shots! Thanks for the grand day.