April 03, 2009

It smells like....SNOW?

This is what I saw as I looked out my window this morning. SNOW!

It's one thing to live in Utah and get snow in the spring...but I live in the ugliest desert ever and it snowed. Come on! The weather is calling for high 50's this weekend. That's more like it.

So M woke up this morning claiming she had a tummy ache. I was suppose to go to a baby shower and run errands in town. So I thought...Plan B. But wait...10 min. after she had eaten her breakfast...she was her usual playful self!
So we went to Carson and ran errands. I had to pick up the medical records for all four kids...this Dr. office apparently is not on our insurances network.
Then it was off to Smith's for a second round of their case lot sale. Dinty Moore Stew, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal. Yesterday, I hit Smith's and spent $150 and saving $100. I love these case lot sales.
Next was Burlington Coat Factory. I was in search of an Easter outfit. Didn't find any shirts...I felt like I was in the grandma section...and that was the entire store. However, I did find a jean skirt for $6 and a cute pair of jeans for $10, which I am currently turning into a long jean skirt. Yeah! I love bargins.
I bribed M and F...that if they were good in one more store I'd take them to McD's for lunch and to play on their jungle gym. So we were off to Famous Footwear. I found the cutest pair of brown dressy sandals. And they were half off!
Tomorrow is packed with fun. We are spending the morning at soccer and baseball games. Then Brandon's old youth Sunday School class is coming over for lunch...thanks, Barry...Little Caesars pizza, games, and the afternoon session of General Conference. I love watching Conference. I can't wait to see who they call to be the 12th Apostle.


Bellie said...

Oh no sorry you got some snow, its the desert not supposed to happen. I have had that happen in Vegas when I go visit my family in the winter, what do you know??! It snows when I am there so lame as I am trying to get away from Utah weather, hehe!

Leah said...

Boy and I glad to be in CA right now, I'm NOT missing the snow one bit! :)

Emilie said...

That sucks. I'm right there with ya hating every second of it. I'm so ready for the cold weather to go far far away! It's been the longest winter EVER in Utah!