May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

There are so many women that have influenced me during my life but none like my very own mom. Actually we are a lot alike. She probably has more patience than I do but other than that...

Mom loves to create things. I remember whenever my mom was preparing a Sunday lesson there was some creative handout (BofM made out of the small raisin boxes) or object lesson (real chicks for the gathering of Israel...'as a hen gather her chickens...').

Mom enjoys sewing. Basic is my thing but I remember my mom sewing Easter dresses every year. Or new curtains. I remember one year she reupolstered some furniture we had. Specifically an orange fabric on a chair. I can still remember the texture of that chair. I remember she taught us how to make aprons, shorts, and shirts. I remember learning to sew on buttons. I also remember learning to cross-stitch, crochet, and knit. She had more patience than I did at these things.

Mom enjoys music. I love listening to church music. It calms me and fills my home with a sweet tender spirit. I enjoy playing the piano while F and M sing primary songs. I'm not that good at those songs but we have fun singing together.

Mom enjoys cooking. I remember my mom would make different meals from different countries. I don't think I will ever venture this far but she would check out cookbooks from the library and try different recipes. I remember most of them tasting really good. When I was in high school I burned canned soup once and my sister never let me forget it. Again the patience thing. I just don't have a lot of it.

Mom enjoys decorating. I don't know a single mom who doesn't like to do this. My mom had doiles and crocheted wall hangings. She has very sophisticated taste. She likes to decorate in elegance but also kid friendly. Her home now is probably more kid friendly than it has ever been.

My Mom enjoys being resourceful. She is the queen at this. She can look at a photo in a magazine and create it with what she has or within a budget. She has always done this. What I love is using what I have and transforming it to be something that I want. I always get a kick out of this process.

Mom enjoys fashion. Growing up my mom always had fashionable shoes, dresses, and accessories. I remember walking around in her high heeled shoes and even when I was in high school...trying on her dresses. I always thought she was so stylish. She knew all about colors and make-up and which skin tones looked best in which colors. I remember one time she told us to get all dressed up because we were going to the Oscars (we were going to watch them on tv but pretend that we were really there). I don't remember exactly what we wore but I remember silver shiney material, hot pink something, and leggins. I am sure we looked ridiculous.

Mom enjoy pretty things. My mom likes She once lived in Switzerland and would tell us of the mountains and flowers. She enjoys camping and finds joy in nature.

Mom has a strong testimony. I remember her teaching us about how important Joseph Smith was to the restoration of the gospel. I remember lessons on tithing and being sealed in the temple. I remember baptism lessons about the importance of obeying Heavenly Father's commandments. I remember feeling loved in my home and having a desire to be married in the temple. Even now when I call her she finds some way to find a correlation to gospel principles.

Mom loves her family most of all. I didn't learn about this fully until I had my family. I always felt safe and protected at home. And now I try hard to help my kids find those same feelings.

Mom always tried hard to give us what we wanted. She made sure we always had what we needed and what we wanted was extra. She did her best and I love her for that. I remember one time hearing her say...'When you're a mom you'll understand'. I forget exactly what it was in reference to but there are so many things that I didn't understand when I was younger that I do now that I have my own kids. And Mom, thanks. For all you have taught me. For all you have sacrificed for me. And for all the love you have given to me.

Happy Mother's Day. I love you.

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