May 12, 2009

My Everything

Lucky 13? No...unlucky is more like it. I won't tell a long story or even excuse myself...I forgot. I simply was too busy with everything else and forgot our anniversary.

I got home that evening from M's tball game and there on the kitchen counter were flowers and presents. M immediately said, 'It's Mother's Day!' A little confused, I told her that Mother's Day wasn't until May and we were still in the last week of April. Then I read the card. It said, 'Happy Anniversary, Love Brandon.' I was flabbergasted. I went to the calendar, frantic. I didn't even put it on the calendar! And I always put everything on the calendar! I was in tears.

Brandon arrived home shortly after and I was doing the dishes. He peeked around my shoulder to see my face and all I could say was, 'You are suppose to remind me when I forget things like this.' Then I broke down again and he laughed. Holding me in his arms he said, 'This is the best gift you could have given me. You forgot and I remembered. I only remembered at 3pm but I remembered.' He hugged me for a long time...until I calmed down...all the while chuckling to himself...proud, no doubt of the fact that he caught me off guard. He loves seeing my surprized expressions.

So...I decided then that I would just pick a separate day to let him know how much I love him. And maybe that would be a good surprize for him.

Brandon...why do I love you?
1. I love that together we are a team. When I feel like I am losing control of the kids or the house or my calling you take over and literally pick up where I fall short.

2. I love that you are so helpful. You are always helping me with dinner, folding clothes, bathing kids, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and watering plants.

3. I love that you are patient when all my patience is worn out.

4. I love that you don't get angry over stupid things like I tend to do.

5. I love that your soft words melt my hard heart.

6. I love that you take a sincere interest in our children's lives. In their sports, school, and church activities.

7. I love that you TRY to not watch TV on Sunday.

8. I love that you are so much taller than me which allows me to wear high heels.

9. I love that when I am stressed out about can go buy a pizza for dinner.

10. I love that you are so relaxed and not easily frazzeled.

11. I love the fact that you love to teach. And when you do so, you are so aware of the spirit guiding you to say what needs to be said.

12. I love that you honor your priesthood.

13. I love when you take charge. When you take that leadership role. It makes me feel safe.

14. I love watching you play sports. I love how intense you can be...your competitiveness is like none other.

15. I love watching movies with you. Usually when we're folding clothes...but together.

16. I love that you play and rough house with the kids. They love you so much and it's nice to see that when they want to be with you.

17. I love seeing you all dressed up. In your church clothes or when you dress a little nicer for work.

18. I love that you came to the tennis courts one morning just to kiss me goodbye. That was such a wonderful surprise. And really made my day.

19. I love when you eat my food. There are some things I don't do well and cooking is one of them. But every once in a while things actually turn out pretty good.

20. I love that you overlook my short comings and love me for what I can be. You keep me striving to be a better wife, mother, and all around daughter of God.

You are my everything. And there isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful for you. I am sorry I forgot our anniversary. I do love you more today than I ever thought possible the day we got married.

Love, Me


Veronica said...

Oh wow, Cody would have had a field day if that happened to us. How funny when the guy remembers and the girl forgets!!

Joey and Nettifer said...

that is awesome that Brandon remembered! I engraved it in Joey's ring, but I am thinking I need it engraved in my ring too! I sometimes just sit there and go blank on when our anniversary is. Life is busy. But thank goodness for good hubbies who remember.
Brandon is a sweetheart and what an awesome post/journal to let your properity know how much you love Brandon!

Draper's said...

You are a super cute wife! I love your list to Brandon.

PhillipsFam said...

HA!!! Lee would LOVE it if this happened to us - no doubt that I would ever be able to forget it! Makes for a fun story tho:)

guinevere said...

What a dynamite post!! You are amazing, don't ever forget that. There are a billion of us that look up to you and want to be like you some day!! Happy late anniversary. Can't wait until July! FUN, FUN, FUN!!