May 09, 2009

Soccer, Baseball, then Tball

To be honest...I look forward to Saturdays. I love to see my kids playing in their games.

I started off this Saturday bright and early with Basketball at 6am. A few ladies get together to exercise. I so enjoy playing this game...even if I'm not as good as I use to be. I love the exercise. I'd rather play a sport than workout at the gym.

Then it was home, shower, and out the door to K's soccer pictures and game. Her team really did an awesome job this weekend. They played one of their higher competitors. The first face off with this team was bad. 8-2. But today the score was much closer. 5-3. I was very impressed.

After K's game, we headed over to the baseball fields where A's game was an hour and a half under way. Brandon was operating the machine and A was hitting great. He made an awesome play to first as well. The ball was hit straight and fast to him. He scooped it up and threw it to first base. OUT! He is doing so well at playing short stop! And he LOVES being on the same team with his best friend, Kobey.

Last but not least was M's tball game. This little girl is super! She started out as Catcher. So cute. And when the other team was coming home...

Okay in tball they just learn to throw the ball to first no matter what, right? Well this little superstar was playing second base. The ball was hit to her, she scooped it up, stepped on her base, and then threw it to first base. A DOUBLE PLAY! Everyone in the stands was cheering and her coach was so excited. Her motions were second nature. She just KNEW what to do. I was so excited for her. Way to go, M! You rock!

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