May 08, 2009

Weekly Update

This is what my blog has come to. Weekly updates. So sad. But I find myself too busy to blog at times and it makes me very sad. Oh well.
Monday was uneventful...the wind has been a very negative force in my outdoor play lately. Too windy to do anything really. In fact today, K's soccer practice was canceled because it was too windy. F had preschool, which he always looks forward to. While he was there, I went home to clean. I can see why kids put up such a stink when they are asked to do chores. I don't like them much either. But I do like a clean house.

Tuesday...another nice day until you go outside and you get blown over by the wind. F and I went into hour look for a scrapbook store I found online. I took the address and directions but couldn't find it. So I called my friend, Kendra, to look for the phone number. I call it and wouldn't you's been disconnected which means that this scrapbook store no longer exists. Kind of frusterating. I've need chipboard in a bad way for a project I am working on for F's Preschool teacher. So I went to the ONLY scrapbook store I am aware of in Carson City. No chipboard. I miss Heartland Paper so bad right now! M had a Tball game and those kids were roughin the wind. Bring it on! M did so well. Another 2 hits! She is really liking this game.

Wednesday...wind again. This is really getting old! F had preschool and Paula and I were going to play tennis but it was too windy this morning. This proved to be a good thing because I forgot that Michelle was coming over to see my Silhouette. Good thing. She had a question I couldn't if any of you have the silhouette and know the answer to this question please let me know.

'Can you import a 'pdf' file?' Her husband owns a business and wants to import his store logo to print on different colors of vinyl. I tried to import a regular file but I there was some major modifications to be made. The lines weren't straight and it wasn't worth the time to fix them.

F and I went and got some dirt for our tomato plants and 2 more planters. But after planting I had to bring the plants back inside because it was too windy. My poor plants are going to have a permanent bend in their growth because of the wind. No soccer practice again due to high winds. A did have Cub Scouts and while he was there I watched Arianne's little ones while she entered VT statistics on the church's computer. What a day.

Thursday...NO WIND! Oh hurray! I played tennis early this morning and later today. It was so nice not to be blown over! I watered my tomato plants...2 of them have yellow leaves...I think I've watered them enough but they just haven't had sun time. Poor things. F and I went into Carson to find chipboard and return some Curry spice I accidently picked up at the store. I meant to grab Cumin but apparently didn't. Didn't find any chipboard but did find a store that sells cardstock pretty cheap. So that's a plus. I know where to get red cardstock now!

Friday...a noneventful day. I have come to the realization that I am not going to find any chipboard in this part of Nevada. Which is really depressing. I really don't like living here. (Don't read too much into that. I LOVE my friends and I have gotten use to my big shopping trips. It's little things that I am so use to from living in Utah.) I have searched for something comparable with no luck. So I have decided to make this little project from scratch. What's that saying about...Use it up...Wear it out...Make do...or Do without? Or am I getting two different quotes mixed up? That's possible. Anyway...I have chosen to...Make Do. I got 2 empty capri sun boxes...cut them up to the sizes I wanted and made my own chipboard. I cut and mod podged my paper, applied my embellishments, punched my holes, and tied my ribbon. Now I just have to choose my pictures and have the preschool kids add their hand prints to the back. I am loving myself right now. Here's my finished homemade mini album for F's preschool teacher. I love it. Wish I could keep it.

With that done...I can get dressed, clean my house, have lunch, and go play tennis this afternoon. Hope it's not windy by then.

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Margo said...

Somebody has been busy :). Wow love the Teacher's book that you made. You are so talented. Hope you had a great time playing tennis.