May 09, 2009

Tomato Plants

A couple of days ago I potted my last tomato plant. Thanks Jenni and Wayne. It was the tallest. I placed it in the pot and watered it with Miracle Grow. Then set it out in the sun. The wind has been pretty fierce this week so I have tried to keep them inside mostly. When I went to bring it inside this it what I found. So sad. I killed it!

So I took it back outside in the late afternoon yesterday. Hoping that it would come back. And this morning...this is what I found.

It totally came back. It's standing straight and tall! Oh, I love green plants. Especially ones that don't die.


Miles and Bex said...

My plants always look like the first picture you took. I am thinking of putting in plastic flowers in my yard. You think I would look like white trash.

Draper's said...

Our tomato plants did the same thing. We are keeping our fingers crossed for some tomatos. I love your tomatoe pots!!