June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

What do you get the Dad who has everything? How do you begin to tell him how much he is loved? Who can measure up to such a man as our Dad? Every year I struggle with these questions. Actually every gift giving holiday. Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Christmas, and now Father's Day. I don't claim to have found my answer. But this year I had some pretty good ideas. Thanks to talented friends...

Father's Day Quiz

(K is blue, A is orange, M is pink, F is green)

What does Dad do at work? he takes care of money, I don't know, he works for money, listens to his work people.

What does Dad do at home? reads and watches basketball, chores, read his books and take a nap, he takes showers and spanks my bum bum and i spank his bottom.

What are Dad's favorite sports? basketball, basketball, basketball, basketball.

What does Dad like to watch on TV? basketball, basketball, basketball, basketball.

What does Dad do after you go to bed? watch TV, read and sometimes watch tv, watch more basketball, i don't know.

Whad does Daddy do at church? teaches doctrine...I forget the name of that class he teaches, teaches a class and goes to class, talk about the speaker, teaches the kids that he has.

Who does Dad love? all of us, mom and our family, all four kids and mom, me, grandma sanchez, grandma creswell, grandpa sanchez, grandpa creswell, mom, a, k, m, the heussers, the johnsons.

What is Daddy's favorite food? Tri Tip Roast, sweet and sour chicken, pizza, all the food we have.

What is Daddy's favorite color? blue, blue, green, blue.

What size shoe does Daddy wear? 9, 11, 18, 7.

What time does Daddy like to wake up in the moring? 4:30am, 5 something, 1 o'clock, early.

Where does Daddy like to eat? Reds, home, home, home and at the restuarant.

How old is Daddy? 35, 35, 34, i don't know, do you know?

How many brothers and sisters does Daddy have? 5, 10, i don't know, 2 sisters...he doesn't even have a brother.

What kind of car does Daddy drive? Nissan, a jeep, i don't know, his car.

What's Daddy's favorite book? Louis L'Amore, does he actually have a favorite book? cause he reads a lot, this guy...picking up a Louis L'Amore book, his book.

We love you so much, Brandon. You are the best father!


Leah Re-Etta said...

That is such a cute idea! I love ford's answer to how many siblings he has...("no brothers"...haha)

Joey and Nettifer said...

that quiz is adorable! You are so creative!
We love Brandon too!