June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Growing up I thought I had the funniest dad. I still think that. I unfortunately did not inherit my father's humor, my siblings have all told me this, and I have come to accept that. Whatever.

My dad taught me how to play and love basketball. In Jr. High I couldn't get enough of basketball. I loved it so much. And I remember dad came to as many games as he could. I loved having him there cheer me on. And though I may not play basketball that much anymore...when I do think of those days...I think of my dad.

There were so many of life's lesson you taught me through teaching me to play basketball...you taught me to work hard and that nothing in life is ever handed to us on a silver platter. Patience and diligence are attributes that will bring me happiness and a sense of accomplishment. Also that I will appreciate things more if I work for them. You taught me the commandments of the Lord. Specifically, to keep the sabbath day holy. This was a hard lesson to learn but because I was forced to live it...I now love it. And try to teach my children to do the same. This brings me peace. You taught me that if I have faith in myself...nothing is impossible. I am 5'2" at the most and so a basketball career was not in my future...but when I was young, I believed I could be anything I wanted. Whatever our individual challenges are, if we believe in ourselves, we can accomplish great things. Smile. Laugh at yourself. This is so important and not something I have mastered.

I have a great dad. And love him so much. Thanks, Dad for being the best Dad. I love you.

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