June 21, 2009

Second week of summer

I love Sundays. This is probably the one day that I look forward to. Because I love being at church and partaking of the spirit. It starts my week off perfectly. Jenni and I were already to go, Monday, for Christmas in June. By the end of the week our projects were completed and what a great feeling that is. I have 3 more that I am working on and they will be done...hopefully, before we leave for Idaho. A spent the morning at the Workmans and after working for hours on our projects we decided to call it good for the day. Jenni then took my two youngest home with her. It was so nice to get some stuff done with only K. And the house was so quiet.

Tuesday was brutal. I had a 3 hour pres. mtg that lasted a total of 4 hours. My kids asked what I was doing for 4 hours. I hope that never happens again. After lunch, A went swimming with Kobey and K went swimming with Emma. So I took M and F Father's Day shopping. What a great time. We got Jamba Juice...which I've never had before...and they were actually pretty good. When we got home the two older kids were still out with friends and honestly I can't remember what M, F, and I did that afternoon? Emma spent the night with K and they all the kids watched a movie in the backyard until about 9:30. That was fun.

Wednesday was the last day of Cub Scouts for the summer and a Father's Day BBQ with Activity Days. I remember hiking in the morning with Jenni and making a stop at the post office to mail Father's Day cards but we must not have done anything else because I don't remember anything. I do remember thinking this week how much I love our backyard. The kids have mastered riding the scooter along the curbing in the backyard. And they're fast. Incredible. Jenni had asked me if we use our hammock much...'Not really' was my reply. But after seeing the kids this week I'd have to say, 'We use it everyday!'

Thursday after all the chores were done to my liking we headed to the library. I told the kids to get lots of books or long chapter ones that would hold them for a week and a half. Well M is already done with her 3, F, too, and K is done with 2 of her 4. I love that they are fast readers but we'll have to make a trip on Tuesday before we leave. By the time we got home and ate lunch it was time to take A over to the middle school for his Gifted and Talented Test. It's a 2 hour oral questions test. I asked him what he thought of the test and he said, 'It was hard.' I am kind of nervous for him. He was nervous going into it and Miss Dakin said she'd call me with the results. We had a slow day...the kids played really good most of the day out back. They love being out their together. They have made a new game with the hammock. They tip it up to see who falls off and who can stay on. They have so much fun with it but I am afraid if I keep letting them play with the hammock like that...we won't have a hammock much longer. It does entertain them.

Friday was our Vikingsholm hike at Lake Tahoe. It was so pretty. The lake is always pretty but the green plants were just beautiful. When you live in a brown desert you learn to appreciate green plants more. And I do. We went up early and the hike is 1 mile each way. So we hiked down, had lunch on the beach, and hiked to the Lower Eagle Falls. They were spectacular! I couldn't take enough pictures. We bought a magnet for our magnet board...I have yet to make. And called it a day. We hiked back up...steady incline. Ooooh. And once we reached the top I told the little ones that they did so well and didn't complain that much that they deserved a treat. I told them to pick...Coldstone Ice Cream, Nestle Toll House Cookies, or...'the lollipops Grandma got us last week?' asked M. We picked up Dad from work and headed over to the little shop where the kids picked out their lollipops. I noticed that K was the only one who actually finished her lollipop. Next time we're getting Coldstone! We did have a great afternoon. On the way home the kids fell asleep and were full of energy by the time we pulled into the garage. But I had to sleep.

Saturday started off early with soccer at 7. What a fun time. We played 'Around the World' cause there was only 5 of us...then 6. But I was sweating like a pig. It was a great workout. I came home just in time for Brandon to leave for his Golf Tournament...a fundraiser for the High School. He was gone till almost 3 so I put myself and the kids to work. We cleaned the house and got projects completed. What a great feeling. At 4 we headed over to the church to clean with the Johnsons. Fun times. By 5:30 we were done and the kids were hungry. We ate and I asked Brandon if he'd go get a movie. I never do this but we had a ginornous pile of laundry to fold and Brandon likes to do it while watching a movie. So off he went. He came back with treats and 3 movies. With F fast asleep, by 6:45, it was easy to let the other kids watch their own movie while we watched 'Australia'. Good movie. Long movie but good. By the end we were so ready for bed. It's been a good, relaxing week.

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