June 02, 2009

Talent Show

The last week of school brings so many fun things. Monday was the Talent Show. K was the only one of our children who entered. At first she didn't want to play anything. Much to her piano teacher's dismay...and her parents. But her sweet friend, Emma, somehow convinced her that she was good enough and that she needed to enter. Thanks, Emma!

K played 'Claire de Lune'. She was FABULOUS! You will recognize this music from 'Oceans 11'. At the very end of the movie when they have successfully robbed Terry Benedict's Casinos...all are standing by the famous fountain. And in the background you hear...'Claire de Lune'. Oh I love this song. Great job, K!


Bellie said...

Way to go, brave girl for participating! I love that song, I am glad it went well. Also I am glad you decided to donate lil M's hair to the locks of love, it makes it worth it, she looks adorable either way :)

Creswell-Hyde Away said...

Kennidy, I am so glad you played your Clair de Lune for me! It is one of my favorite pieces. I love to play it. I am so proud of you, that you played in your school talent show. I wish I could have been there. You are a GREAT pianist! I love you! Love Grandma Creswell