July 29, 2009

Prayer Pebbles

Ford just loves his Sunbeam teacher, Jeanni Jones.  Sunday they had a lesson on prayer and Jeanni gave all her Sunbeams little prayer pebbles to take home and put under their pillows to remind them to say their prayers.  I will confess that this is something that we have to work on.  
But Sunday night, Ford got into bed and his hand slid under his pillow.  He felt his pebbles and remembered that he needed to say his personal prayers.  Brandon was putting him to bed and told me that he and Ford knelt beside his bed and, with a little help from Dad, said his prayer. Brandon said, 'Ford is an example to us all.'  

I just love primary teachers who help me teach my children correct principles.  Thanks, Jeanni. You've just brought a little soul unto God.


Draper's said...

What a cute idea!! Love great primary teachers.

Barry and Jeanni said...

You are so sweet to blog this! i feel blessed to be his teacher!

Heather said...

Wow, cool idea! Small and sweet like the still small voice.

Hey your pictures of your hike are amazing! How far away is it from your house? It looks like a remote wilderness that's only accessible by hiking 15 days in and 15 days out! Very cool and lucky you!
Love your blog. Hug your family from us!
Heather S