July 29, 2009

Seventh week of summer

Thursday . Friday . Saturday . Yosemite National Park Highlights
Camping with the Workmans . Swimming in the Mercede River . Hike 1/2 way to Vernal Falls . S'mores . Campsite by a river . Boys Car Girls Car . The Views . Bug Repellent . Yummy camp food . Big Tents . Polly Pockets . Hodgy Podgy Bacon Stories . Beebee Guns . Campfires . Car Conversations . Lunch @ . Potty Pull Overs . Abstract Fire Photography . Kobey Smiles . Flower Photo Opts . 4" From a Deer . Dirty Kids .
Creswell - Workman Bunch...this photo was actually taken Saturday before we headed home. Love the 3 girls faces in front. They really didn't want to get back in the car and drive for 3 hours!
This is where we camped. Aspen Camping grounds in this beautifully green valley.Happy Campers!We really camped at a perfect place. The kids enjoyed this river/stream. I enjoyed the many photo opportunities.Kennidy and KirstenMakinleyOur views of the mountains.Oakley in deep water!Adam, Ford, Kobey, and Oakley at dinner!Makinley, Raquel, and Kirsten at dinner.Adam, Kobey, and Oakley exploring the river.Kirsten, Makinley, and Raquel.A way across the river! Wayne and Kirsten.Makinley making her way across the river.Me, Brandon, and crazy Ford.FordAbstract Art...I call it 'Fire'.KobeyAdamOakleyMakinleyThe following are all views within Yosemite National Park.
I was about 4 feet from this deer. It was so cool.
Me and Brandon resting 1/2 way to Vernal Falls.Raquel, Jenni, Kirsten, and Makinley getting cooled off in the river.Oakley, Adam, and Kobey cooled off by dipping their caps in the water. Thus getting their entire bodies cooled off.

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