August 02, 2009

Eighth week of summer

Tuesday. Sand Harbor with the Workmans. The kids have so much more fun at the lake with friends. There was a good group of us and it was pretty hot. The water is warming up and just the perfect temperature for me to want to get in. Kennidy and I went out pretty far on the tube. She pretended she could touch the rocks beneath when in all actuality they were pretty far down. Adam, Kobey, Oakley, and Kennidy took turns jumping off the lower rocks and just had fun climbing and exploring. While Makinley, Kirsten, Ford, and Raquel had so much fun closer to shore. On this particular beach, you can walk out 30-35 feet and it's still only at your thighs. I love it. And so did the kids. They thought it was cool to be out so far and still be able to touch. We had a great time, as always. And then headed down into Carson for Kennidy's ortho. appointment. Then we were off to Wal-Mart and home. I love relaxing summer days. They're the best.

Wednesday. Dentist. This was not a fun trip for me or the kids. Just thinking about the word cavity makes me cringe. It wasn't pretty. Wednesday night Kennidy was jumping off our bed and sprained her ankle. We kept ice on it all night. We hope it's not broken. So let's skip to Thursday.

Thursday. Played Tennis with Jenni. That afternoon Doctor Wayne came over with his P.A. Oakley to check Kennidy's ankle. It hadn't swelled that much. I was actually feeling pretty good about it. She layed around watching movies and reading books. Wayne said it wasn't broken or factured and that tomorrow she should start to walk on it a little.

Friday. We layed low today again because the kids were going to the Workmans tonight while we go to the temple with the Workmans and the Jones. I love sharing a babysitter. Next year Kennidy will be able to do it all by herself but it's much more enjoyable for the kids to play with their friends. We had such a great time on the ride to and from the temple with the Jones. They are so funny. We really do love you guys. And don't worry...we'll call you again!

Saturday. We tackled the garage today. I organized our food storage cans so that they are grouped by food. All the fruits on one shelf. Veggies on another. And so on. I love organizing things. It gives me such a great feeling of accomplishment. I'm insane I know. But I am confident that there are others out there just like me. So I don't feel mental. It feels so good to have our garage clean. Thanks, Brandon for all your hard work. And thanks for keeping those sleeping bags! Emergency preparedness! And we finally got our 72 hour kits out to the garage. They've been in our bedroom for the last year. They have a shelf of their own now. Now if I could just keep up with the laundry and the dishes. Oi!

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Geneva said...

Great photos Staci! I thought of you guys as we drove through Dayton a few weeks ago on the way home from my parents house. We'll have to hook up next time I'm in Reno! Don't you love Yosemite??? My kids talk about it all the time after our visit there last year.