August 03, 2009

Ninth week of summer

Sunday. Brandon got a new calling as YM President. He is still the Gospel Doctrine teacher too. I am sure eventually they'll release him but hasn't happened yet. I gave my presidency message in RS and I think it went well. Following the spirit is always a good way to go. My talk was entitled 'Come Take Your Place'. And how each of us is here for a purpose. We all have a divine potenial and we must live up to it.

Monday. Back to the dentist for fillings! Oh joy. The kids did really well. I am so proud of all of them. I got a floride perscription for all of them and we will be starting it tonight. One more appointment and we'll be done with cavities for a while. A long, long, long while I hope. It was fun to see the Workmans there. We came home and took Kennidy to Emma's house to play and invited the Johnson's over to play in the sprinkler. We really need another slip and slide. Our's busted last year from all the usage it received.

Tuesday. Tennis. Lake Tahoe with the Workmans, Johnsons, and Fraisers. Our morning started off on the chilly side but soon warmed up that even the moms needed to get in the water. The lake wasn't too cold. It actually was pretty perfect. There was a sand scupturist a few yards away who making a really cool wall. Adam and Kobey had fun jumping of 'the diving rock', eating, digging in the sand, and playing with ants. Raquel and Makinley had fun going out to the rocks with Adah and Madelyn. Seth and Rhys took a nap. And the moms sat in the tubes near shore and talked. Oh the life.

Adam and KobeyWall of Sand'What did ya catch?''A Crawdad!'Madelyn, Makinley, and AdahCute Seth!Makinley and RaquelKennidyAdah and Ford chillaxin.

Wednesday. This morning Paula, Jenni, and I played tennis. I am so competitive. If I don't win...or am losing...I get super moody. Temper Tantrum. It was bad. Then Paula asked if we wanted to hike C-Hill. In Carson City, there is a 'C' up on the hill with an American flag above it. It was pretty steep but the we made it. Thanks, Paula. You really helped me get out of my mood and think of others rather than my poor tennis skills. It really was a pretty hike. We could almost see the entire valley.

All Ford wanted was to make it to the 'flag'. 'Can I lay on it?' 'Can I put my tummy on it?'The Group...Adam, Brady, Jaynie, Kennidy, Makinley, Ford, and EmmaCarson CityPaula and Staci...eeuuw...I need to lose about 15lbs!

After our hike we stopped for Slushies at Sonic! Oooh, I haven't been there in a while. The kids ordered 2 Watermelon, an Orange, and a Poweraide Slushie. And I ordered an Orange Cream Slushie. They tasted so good. Then Makinley went to play at the Heussers with Emma while Jaynie and Brady came home with us. I totally forgot about Kennidy's piano lesson until her teacher rang the doorbell. Ooops! The house was a bit messy. So while she had her lesson I cleaned up. Then made No Bake Cookies with Jaynie. Cub Scouts and Activity Days at 3:30. This is reminding me that fall is coming soon. Or at least school. Back to schedules and sports and holidays! I love fall.

Thursday. RS mtg and Costco. It was cold and rainy today with a high of 71. Very unusual for August. While Kennidy and I went to Costco, the other kids spent the day with the Workmans and Heussers. They basically played all day. Much more fun than grocery shopping. Thanks, Jenni!
Friday. 'Cleaning the house is fun to do! Fun to do, to do, to do. Cleaning the house is fun to do. To do, to do, to do!' We got it done and now we can play the rest of the day. Adam is having a boys late night tonight with Kobey, Oakley, and Brady. So from 3-10:30pm they will be livin' it up! Party! Meanwhile, the rest of us will be heading into Reno for some school clothes shopping.

Saturday. Brandon joined the youth for a beach day at Nevada Beach up in Tahoe. I hope he remembers to put sunscreen on. We kind of kicked back and had a lazy day.


Lisa said...

I love how you posted about each week of summer. What a great idea to capture every day. Love the pictures... seems like you guys have so many cool places nearby!

melynda said...

i love all your summer activities, i am totally jealous! hope you are doing well.

Bellblogging said...

Wow keeping busy and having fun! Ready for school?? When you coming up again?

Missy said...

Hey your old house is up for sale again...what to come back?