August 12, 2009

Tenth week of summer

Monday. The kids and I, Workmans, and Heussers all went to the tennis courts this morning. The ladies played tennis for 2 1/2 hours. Paula only beating me by 5 points. I was so excited because at one point we were tied! I am okay losing to her by 5 pts. The kids were amazing. They all played so well together and for such a long was so great. By the time we were leaving I felt like jumping into a nice cold pool. It was really getting hot. Later we went to the Virginia City pool with the Workmans. Man, that water was cold. But we warmed up to it and the kids were going off the diving board and doing flips and everything. Jenni even got in the action with a back flip! WOW! I can't even claim to even know how to do that. We had a great time playing in the pool. And by the end of the day, Jenni and I were ready for our naps. We had a great FHE about personal prayer by Brandon. He had us search the BofM index and look up scriptures that talked about prayer. It's always a great reminder to me of how important prayer is and how many blessings it helps us with.

Tuesday. I got my hair done. Nothing fancy.

Wednesday. Last trip to the dentist for fillings. I am so glad this is all taken care of. Hopefully our next appointment, in six months, will only be for cleanings. I don't think I can take another trip down cavity lane. Oi. Cub Scouts this afternoon and we canceled Kennidy's piano lesson due to poor time management on our parts. She didn't practice all weekend...meaning Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday. I called her teacher and he said that was fine and that he was trying to figure out a fall schedule. We're hoping for Mondays!

Thursday. Lake Tahoe. Brandon forgot to take our beach umbrella out of his truck so I had to drive 30 min. past our Sand Harbor exit to get it. But it was so worth it. That lake sun can be brutal. I got there later than anticipated but our cove wasn't too crowded. But about 15 min later it was packed. Thanks, Kendra, for saving us a spot. Kendra, Star, and Bridgette all braved the 'jumping rocks'. Kendra went twice and I really wanted to go but couldn't muster enough courage. It's okay. Maybe the last week of summer I will. Wait. That's next week. We had fun, as always. The waves were coming in pretty good today. And there was even a man who stayed out in the water too long, got hypothermia, and the rangers, lifeguards, and EMT's all came. They laid him about 20 feet from our towels. It was really scary. For him. 2 little kids walked over and asked the female EMT, who had put an IV in the man's arm, 'Is he gonna be okay?' She said, 'Yes. He's just resting right now.' That was our drama for the entire summer. And one is enough. I really do hope that he will be okay. Lucky for him, he was wearing his life jacket and there were so many people on the beach and in the water that only 2 people noticed that he was signaling for help. Scary. Anyway...that was our day.

Friday. Honestly can't remember. Brandon had a temple trip with the youth. I played early morning tennis with Jenni and we ended up talking for a while after. That normally happens with us. Thank goodness it's summer. Her girls were suppose to host a Princess Party but 2 of her kids came down with tummy aches.

Saturday. Played soccer this morning with some ladies. Today I surprize Kennidy with a trip to Tru Hair Studio for highlights. She was so excited and surprized! Brandon and I thought it would be a nice treat for her since she is such a great help to us with babysitting and doing lots of small things around the house for us. And starting 6th grade. That's huge. We love you so much, Kennidy. And appreciate all you do to help our family! That afternoon we went to our Ward Activity. BBQ and water games. What fun. We had fresh tomatoes and corn from our ward garden. They were so tasty. I told Bro. Hurst we'd come next Saturday to harvest tomatoes. My plants don't get the water consistancy they really need so they aren't producing much. I think next year we will make a space in our backyard for some planter boxes.

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