September 01, 2009

Fall Schedule

Kennidy Monday - Piano @ 3:50

Tuesday - Soccer Practice 5:30

Wednesday - Activity Days @ 3:30

Thursday - Soccer Practice 5:30

Friday - FREE DAY

Adam Wednesday - Cub Scouts 3:30

Friday - FREE DAY

Makinley Wednesday - Piano @ 3:30

Friday - FREE DAY

Ford Tuesday - Preschool @ 9

Thursday - Preschool @ 9

Friday - FREE DAY

Brandon Tuesday - YM @ 7pm, Temple Trips, Service Projects

Thursday - Round Table (once a month)

Friday/Saturday - the occasional Youth Dance, Scout

Training, Campouts

Staci You don’t even want to go there! I’d like to take more

pictures, though.

I can’t complain about this years schedule. I do have a lot of running around that you don’t see on this schedule but I only have one child in fall sports and that is GREAT! Spring sports will be insane. I can live with this schedule. Jenni and I have figured out our carpool for soccer since Oakley and Kennidy will be on the same team! Hurray for friends. I really think this fall will be cake compared to previous years! So let the games begin.

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