September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brandon!

Monday we had a BBQ Birthday party for Brandon. Since our family doesn't do cake...I decided this year we would get Brandon a Blizzard Cake from DQ. Cookie Dough. It was so yummy! Brandon blew out all 36 candles with a little help from the breeze. Then the all the kids dove in to help me take the candles out and Brandon and Wayne disappeared to the garage for some ping pong.
On Tuesday we had our traditional family party. Complete with presents. This year Brandon said I did good. I made lasagna...thanks to Kendra for a super yummy recipe (and it wasn't runny), broccoli, and wheat bread. Brandon balls from the Workmans, Smallville Season 8, Heroes Season 3, MI:1, MI:2, treats to eat while watching so many movies, a vintage panoramic of the Washington, D.C. temple (which came the next day), a camelback, and...DVR! He was so excited. I wrapped the remote in a box and when he unwrapped it he showed Ford the DVR button. 'What are those letters, Ford?' 'DVR!'

I love this smile!
Happy Birthday, Brandon!


Bellblogging said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Those Alligators are so cute, and Kennidy looks so grown up in that soccer picture! Fun times!

foxie4 said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!! Too bad your not here Skee would have made sure you went golfing!! It's free on ur bday!! Hope you have a good one!!

Creswell-Hyde Away said...

I loved being part of your Birthday through this blog Brandon! Thank you Staci! I wish I could have really been there : )