September 24, 2009

The 'Sick' Insight

Long story short.

Tuesday around midnight it hit. And it hit hard. There I was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden I started dreaming that I had a stomach ache. But this was no dream. I got up and went to the bathroom only to start throwing up 5 min. later. I continued this pattern 5 times that night. Twice I was able to talk myself out of throwing up but the other 3 times...there was no time! By 6:30am Brandon decided to stay home.

He took Kennidy, Landon, and Hayden to school, got Adam and Makinley ready for the school bus, had scriptures and family prayer, called my VTers to cancel their visit today (they brought me dinner later, thanks Shana and Emily, you're the best), played football and baseball with Ford, did the dishes and laundry, made lunch for Ford, took a nap with Ford, read some of his book, picked Kennidy up from school, went to Smith's to get me some things, got Adam's Cub Scout shirt and book and took Adam his bike so he could ride to the church after school for Cub Scouts, picked Makinley up from the bus stop, picked Adam up from Cub Scouts on his bike, helped Adam with his homework and reading, helped Makinley and Kennidy with their piano, made dinner, helped Makinley and Ford with their showers, watched some of Heroes, got everyones teeth brushed and floride, had family prayer, and put everyone to bed! Whew. At the end of the day he said, 'You have a hard job.' I replied, 'And you only had to do half of what I normally do.' (I only had him do the NEED to do today things. And he knew that.)

It's moments like these that I feel validated as a stay at home mom. Because my husband gets it. He gets how much I do to keep our family going. He gets how much time and effort it takes to run our home. He gets that I don't go back to bed after the kids leave for school, as much as I'd like to. Being a stay at home mom is a tough job. It may not sound tough, in fact I use to think that being a stay at home would be the greatest, cushiest job in the world. Then I had kids. Hello! Wake up call. But I wouldn't trade it in for anything. Because even though it can be tough and is also the most rewarding and has it's benefits. Like the other day, I played tennis for 2 hours. Not because I didn't have things to do at home...but because I could choose that activity. I can go kayaking with Ford and have lunch on the beach with him. I can go shopping and bring Ford with me and have a great time. I can do laundry and watch a movie at the same time. I can read books and take naps with Ford. There are so many things stay at home moms can do with their children and still have fun and feel fulfilled. We read scriptures daily, have family prayer, and teaching in never ending with kids. No matter what the subject.

I love being a stay at home mom! And all this insight comes from being sick in bed and having a husband who loves me enough to take care of me. And him acknowledging that I have a hard job. I love you, Brandon. You are the best husband for me.


Mark Katy said...

I saw Brandon last night when he was picking up Adam from scouts, I had a ? for you and he told me you were sick. YUCK! Sorry. Being a Mom is HARD especially when you have to call in sick for the day!! Hope you are feeling better! Take another night off, because yesterday I decided to bring you dinner tonight. C-ya soon Katy

Barry and Jeanni said...

It is so wonderful when our husbands live in our shoes for a day. They truly see what we are worth (well kindof) so glad you are feeling better.

Lisa said...

I couldn't even get through this post without going to find a pacifier and a snack for Luke. Stay at home mom is hard work. What a great husband to admit it!