November 18, 2009


November brings 2 birthdays for our family.  I have been so busy with Adam's Birthday, RS Holiday party, RS Christmas presents, Birthday/Going Away Dinner (my friends took Kendra and I out to Olive Garden for dinner. Kendra is moving to Michigan and I was having a birthday so we combine the festivities/depression. We really had a good time eating lots of salad and bread and just chatting until 10pm), and a Holiday Bazaar to get ready for that it was nice not to have to think about my birthday. My sweet husband does that! And what a great job he did.

This was my day....
I woke up and got the kids ready for school. Hair, teeth, shoes and socks, lunches, scriptures, and family prayer. Once they were out the door, I got Ford ready. He was going to need his back pack today. I asked him to get some toys and some snacks. Then I got dressed and we headed for Tru Hair Studio. Ford was so good while he waited for me to be done. I got a cut and a glaze...I was assured that the glaze would be see through but when she washed it out it was brown. The color of my roots but I wasn't expecting it to go dark. Oh well. I have come to the conclusion that I can't get my hair done without the color changing. I miss you, Ang! I don't hate it but my hair color has changed more this year than it has in my entire life.

Moving on...after my hair we headed home. As I pulled into our driveway I saw 2 gifts at my front door. One from my friend, Heather. And one from my friend, Jenni. Thanks, girls! Heather sells Scentzy Candles and so guess what I got? A Scentzy Candle. But not just any candle. She gave me the most pleasant berry smelling candle! I love it so much. Thank you, thank you! Jenni is one of my tennis partners and for months now we have been talking about getting all new tennis balls. So her present to me was 6 canisters of new tennis balls! I really do have great friends.

I was home for about an hour when my door bell rang. It was my neighbor and friend from across the street, Emily! And what did she bring me? A pumpkin cheesecake! Oh yum! I made her stay for a while and eat some with me while her boys played the Wii with Ford...or watched him play? Emily makes the best pumpkin cheesecakes! After she left, my friend, Paula stopped by with a gift. And a homemade card. Which we don't talk about. Paula got me a Lake Tahoe Hiking Trails book. I am so excited to use it. It lists all kinds of hikes to do around Lake Tahoe. I think this book might fall apart next summer from all the use it will get. And I better use it. Thanks, Paula and Emily!

Then it was time to pick up Kennidy and take her to her Ortho. appointment. Come home get some craft fair projects done and 2 phone calls from my mom and mil. Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday. My sil, Leah, even called me to wish me Happy Birthday. Then I got a call from Brandon. He wanted to make sure that I hadn't made anything for dinner because he was bringing dinner home! Kentucky Fried Chicken! Oh how I love Kentucky Fried Chicken!

After a yummy fat filled dinner...I got to open my presents. The kids got me a new Bernina sewing machine (Brandon said it was from them) and the 4th Season of Bones. My Kenmore doesn't work and that's not good this time of year because I tend to use my machine more for homemade Christmas gifts. Brandon also got me a Red Velvet Strawberry Passion cake from ColdStone. I love you, hon. It was huge and very tasty. I had to pawn some off on Paula, Jenni, and Bridgette after preschool on Thursday it was so big. We'll be eating it for a long time. After dinner and presents we headed to the church for Pack Mtg.

This was bitter sweet. And all about me and my feelings, of course. So my friend, Kendra, is the Cub Master. And as I said earlier, she's moving to Michigan. Well part of Pack Mtg. was presenting her with a gift. But when the words, 'Sis. Johnson will be moving...', I felt the sting of tears come quickly to my eyes. And I had to fight so hard not to lose it completely. Then when Pack Mtg was over I received another gift. This time from my friend, Katy. She made me the most beautiful cake I have ever had. It was a Chocolate Fudge Cake that looked like a flower garden.

Beautiful, right? I loved it. I loved it so much I ate it for breakfast with my kids. Thanks so much, Katy! You are so talented!

Well...I really did have a great day. I joked that I did more mom stuff than fun birthday stuff...but really...I loved doing that mom stuff because that's who I am and my family are the ones who love me the most. So I am okay with not going out and partying. I partied with the people I love. And aren't we always hearing that we should always be giving to others in service? Well I think I did that today. And it felt wonderful. I love that I have a family and friends. I love that I can serve them. I love that I am so blessed and have been for the past 34 years. Yes, I told every one on God's green earth my age. But I find comfort that many of my friends are older than me so when I say I'm 34...they can wish they were that young again. LOL.

And last but not good friend, Jenn, and I share the same birthday. And I was a bad friend and forgot to call her. She called me Thursday morning telling me that she forgot to wish me Happy Birthday and that really made me feel bad. I love you, Jenn! Happy Birthday, too!


foxie4 said...

Hope you had a great birthday, sounds like it!! I miss you too!! My salon is always open to you!! Hope to see you soon!!

Creswell-Hyde Away said...

Fun, Fun Birthdays for both of you!

Leah Re-Etta said...

Hey! Did you know that I am the ice cream cake maker at my coldstone? They are So delicious huh? but I have to say...I could have made that cake look SOO much better:)

Maren said...

It was fun to hear about your birthday. Busy as usual for you (you are always accomplishing so much!), but sounds like it was a good one. And you've got a lot of friends for sure! So many people gave you cards and treats-- that is so nice.

Johnson Family said...

Who could NOT love you? Happy Birthday again, and sorry to make you almost cry at pack meeting. I totally lost it today as we drove out of Reno...can I really do this? :)