November 22, 2009

Goodbye, Kendra!

Today we had a farewell BBQ for the Johnson family. They are moving to Michigan! I am really going to miss these guys. Kendra has been my VTing companion, running partner, and all around great friend. She has such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and more importantly lives that testimony. I feel like an elementary school girl writing an essay all about her best friend.

I remember Kendra telling me of an incident with her oldest daughter, Adah (6). 'Adah, why did you cut your hair?'(Adah had cut bangs) To which Adah replied, 'I wanted bangs like Sis. Creswell.' Kendra blames me for Adah's vainess...well not her vainess but for her bangs. I love you, Adah. And I love your bangs! Madelyn's, too!

Well I won't blubber on. I wish you the best of luck in Michigan and love you guys!

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Johnson Family said...

You are so sweet. Thanks for the "ode to Kendra" post on your blog. We miss you guys too!