November 28, 2009


This Thanksgiving was really special. Our little family flew all the way to Maryland to surprise my mom and dad for Thanksgiving. They had no clue. Arrangments were made months in advance and I give kudos to my sisters and brothers for keeping such a big secret.

The Surprise. My mom works for 2 dentists in Washington, D.C. So we, Amanda and her twin boys, Becky and her 2 boys, Kristen, Grandma Gore, Dad, Brandon and our kids, get to my mom's office and Kennidy walks in the door. She walks up to the counter and was suppose to say, 'Grandma, I need a dentist' but was too shy and the look on Grandma's face made her nervous. I opened the door and looked at my mom and she was...well shocked. SURPRIZE! She couldn't believe that this young girl that looked like her grand-daughter was in fact her grand-daughter. It was fun. Then Adam, Ford, and Makinley came in and Grandma Sanchez cried and cried.

The kids were excited to fly to Maryland and Ford reminded us over and over that this was not his first time on a plane...even though he doesn't remember the first time. Makinley was a bit nervous but soon after take off she'd forgotten all about being nervous and was enjoying snacks and drinks. I took the opportunity to crochet beanies. Lots of beanies and I am sick of the color pink! Okay not really.

Favorite Memories:

Playing with Scott and Anderson
Spending time with Sanchez family

Plane ride
Movies with Grandma, Grandpa, and Great Grandma Gore
Lehi's house for Thanksgiving

Playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos with Matthew
Reading to the twins
Taking care of the twins

Playing Guess Who with Grandpa
Playing with the twins
Nerf Guns with Kiel
Riding on the plane
Playing video games on the plane

Staci and Brandon
Surprising my parents for Thanksgiving
Watching my kids play with their grandparents
Having all my meals prepared for me
Staying with Amanda and Drew
Getting crusty looks from Anderson
Watching Makinley and Kennidy read to Anderson and Scott
Ford and Makinley playing with their cousins
Eating lots of yummy food
Watching a lot of TV
Never wanting to watch football on the TV again
The metro
Washington, D.C.
Bad weather and thick fog
Too many people to get on one train so our party had to take 2 trains
Gallery Place Metro stop...CRAZY
Getting up at 8 or 9 in the morning
Going to bed late
Shopping with Brandon...jean shopping
Thinking 'My kids are at such an independent stage'

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Becky said...

I do hope the kids had a good time, wish there had been more time. I'm not complaining! I still sometimes think it must have been a dream., but it was a dream come true. I have missed you al so much. Papa and I love watching you grow up on the blog, we are so grateful for that technology. And for Staci taking the time to share with us. It meant the world to us. People @ work and at church kept asking why I looked so happy, what had changed? I got to see my kids together, 5 out of 7 ain';t bad! It was so good to see you, hug you and be with you.Love you so much! Mama