December 08, 2009

SNOW in the desert

Sunday night it snowed here in Dayton. It snowed 10 inches! And at 6 am Monday morning I got a call from the school saying that school had been canceled for the day. The kids were so excited! They played for hours outside.  I swear my kids grow so fast.  Ford grew out of his snow boots and his winter coat.  Makinley and Ford need gloves and snow pants.  Makinley and Kennidy grew out of their snow boots, too.  Luckily, Makinley can wear Kennidy's old boots and Kennidy has been wearing mine.  Guess what I'm asking for Christmas?  Brandon even took the day off to play. He shoveled the driveway and later in the day he took the kids to play ball at the church.  

Later in the afternoon the kids made me these giant snowflakes.  I love them!  They made 8.  We hung them from the ceilings and in the windows.

The next day, school was canceled again due to road conditions. The message said, 'We will be canceling all schools in Lyon County to give road workers time to clean up the snow.' We're friends with the principle of the high school and at 3pm he said that no one had been over to the high school to plow the parking lot. The roads are sad. Not too bad but getting icy. The kids don't mind because it's NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday, Jenni took the kids to play at the church and it gave me some time to run some errands. I love friends! All the kids had so much fun together. And even when I got back from errands we stayed at Jenni's for a couple of hours.  What a fun day.


The Greaves Family said...

what lovely snow. I really loved the snowflake the kids made too!I want one. :)

foxie4 said...

Oh my kids are wishing for a snow day!! Look how big everyone is getting. Love love love the ornaments!! Staci you truly are a crafty person.