December 13, 2009

Church is Canceled!

Okay I know we live in the desert and all...and most people aren't use to driving in the snow... but come on!

Saturday night it started snowing again.  It snowed pretty much all day.  Then we get a call from the Bishop asking me to start the 'RS Calling Tree' to let everyone know that there will be no church tomorrow.  Okay.  I didn't really have to call that many people but it seemed like I called all those that have lived in Utah and Alaska because the responses I got were hilarious.

'We'd go to church in -6 degree weather.'
'Just get the snow plows out and plow the roads for goodness sake!'
'We're still having choir practice at 4 pm.' (Okay this one wasn't until Sunday afternoon)

I love it.  These people just really wanted to go to church!

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