January 19, 2010


Kennidy, Adam, and I have been snowboarding for 2 weeks now. I am reminded why I love it so much. And this week, Mt. Rose is suppose to get between 7 and 10 FEET of snow! Oh, I hope so. The kids are really perfecting their techniques this year. But there favorite part of the whole day is after lunch. They get to snowboard with all their friends. Kennidy took a challenge from Laton to see who could reach the bottom of the slope first. Kennidy won but that was before I learned that Laton was trying to do 180's and all the jumps. Next time maybe he'll show Kennidy how to go off the jumps!

The Heussers and Petersons came on Friday and we all had a great time. Their kids are awesome on the slopes. All, but Brady, ski. He snowboards. We went on 'Around the World' and 'Kit Carson'. I was reminded how much I don't like Kit Carson. I really have to work on that slope. It's straight down. I like the more level slopes. I told Bridget that the next time they come, she, Paula, and I should go off the jumps!  I have only done it once.  But I think it would make for some really good pics.

Can't wait for this Friday!

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Kayla Anderson said...

Glad you had a great time! We got about 4-5 ft. of snow so far, but it's still coming down. There are some good stashes on Around the World and it's a pretty moderate slope :)