January 02, 2010

The Most Talented BIL

My BIL (brother in law), Joseph, is an incredible artist.  Years ago, I asked him to sketch my kids for me. I gave him my favorite photo and this is what he gave us for Christmas that year.  

I cried it was so beautifully done. I found the picture so all could see the amazing resemblance. Joseph, you are such a talent young man.

Joseph is currently at BYU in their animation department. He is incredible! You can see his art work by clicking on his link under my 'Family Links'...Joe and Kat...then clicking on his link 'Joe's Artwork'.  He has since married a beautiful young lady, Kathryn.  And they have the cutest little boy, Shadrach.  We love them so much.

I have finally framed it, today, and it hangs over Brandon's dresser.  I chose to do this instead of working on my lesson for RS tomorrow or new VTing routes.  I'm such a procrastinator.  But I love it.  Now I need an updated one.  Oh, Joseph!


Johnson Family said...

I almost cried too! But mostly because I miss your cute kids and wonderful family. That is amazing, and I want one done of my kids too.

And all your Christmas crafts!?!?!? Could you rub some of your crafty talent on a piece of cute fabric and mail it to me? I am hoping to gain some talent. :)

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!

foxie4 said...

What an Awesome painting of some Really cute kids!! Glad you had a good Christmas and love how crafty you and your family is!!

Joe Cressssss said...

Thanks for all the nice stuff you said about me Stacey. I'm glad that you have that framed. However, it makes me realize how much better I've gotten. Maybe in the future, I can spend time on one that is much better than that.

Mark Katy said...

Very nice!! Love it