February 22, 2010

The Articles of Faith

Tonight for FHE, we talked about the Articles of Faith.  The Articles of Faith are what we, Latter-Day Saints, believe...and if we know them...we can share them with our friends.  I remember a time in high school when a friend of mine asked me, ‘What do Mormons believe?’  I will admit that I hadn’t memorized all 13 Articles of Faith but I knew some of them.  I felt prepared to share the gospel simply by knowing my Articles of Faith.  
When girls and boys in our church turn 8, they are able to participate in the Faith in God program.  As part of the Faith in God program, these children are asked to memorize all 13 Articles of Faith.  Kennidy has already passed off her 13...but Adam still has some to memorize and Makinley will have to memorize her’s starting in July.

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Creswell-Hyde Away said...

I will always remember the fun I had memorizing the articles of faith for "family night" when I was growing up! That's what fhe was called waybackwhen! I received a white bible when I was finished! Grandma C