February 13, 2010

Best Job in the World

We've come to the end of our snowboarding season.  This time of year is so sad for Kennidy, Adam, and me.  When we have to come back to normal life and Friday responsibilities.  We had a great time this snowboarding season.  Adam's friend, Kobey, joined us on the slopes along with his mom, Jenni.  Kobey exceeded everyone's expectations for a first time skier!  He did awesome.  Adam conquered many blue square slopes as well as a couple black diamonds!  He and Kennidy learned to brave the trees this year and freaked me out with all they wanted to try.  I stuck to the green slopes to try and perfect my skills.  By the end of the season, I was on the blue squares and doing great!  I don't even mind going fast anymore.

On the last day of the season, Brandon, Wayne, Jenni, and Oakley joined us for a fun filled day on the slopes.  We had the best time.  All day skiing and boarding!  And how, do you ask, do I find time to do all these things?  Because I have the best job on the planet!  I am a stay at home mom!  I not only look after my children...but I get to snowboard with them, too!  It's awesome.  I am a multi-tasker (snowboard and watch my kids at the same time) who loves her job, her kids, and her amazingly handsome husband!  Life doesn't get any better than this.

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