August 21, 2010

Dust Devil Sprint Triathlon

A few months ago when Bridget said we should all do a triathlon, after our Freel Peak hike, I really wasn't that excited.  I mean, we just finished hiking to Freel Peak!  Anyway...she found one in Fallon, Nevada and said we should do it in teams.  So teams were formed, Bridget went out of town, and we were registered!
I do have to say that I had fun.  And I would do it a team.  I like team sports.  We entered 2 teams...Dust Devil Moms and I can't remember the other team name.  Our team consisted of our swimmer, Jared Miklich (originally Laura Klein was our swimmer...then it fell to Ian...then fell to Jared, who was left with 2 weeks to practice, he did awesome), our biker, me, and our runner, Julie Logan.
Jared swam a 1/4 mile.  I rode 14 miles.  And Julie ran a 5K in the hot, hot sun.  We were all really nervous.  We kept telling ourselves that it was just for was just for fun.  And I had to keep telling myself...'Be like the whale...and swallow Jonah'.  Over and over and over.  
We got 3rd place in the teams division.  I don't know my exact time but we think it was around 50 min.  And for my first race ever...I think that was pretty good.  Our final time was 1:32.  I can't remember the seconds.
Here are all the participants from the 2 wards in Dayton.  
Jared and Nikki Miklich, Jenni Workman, Staci Creswell, Tim and Julie Logan, and Mark Gardner.  Tim came in 1st in his division with Mark in 3rd.  We were all winners!  And not just participants.  Thanks, Bridget for planting the seed!


Bellblogging said...

That is awesome! Way to go! I like team sports too much more fun!

Johnson Family said...

Won't tell me you miss us - you guys are going going going and doing awesome stuff! When I saw the picture of you and Brigette and Emily at girls camp...oh I was green with envy! haha! You guys are awesome.

Creswell-Hyde Away said...

Yes Staci, you are amazing! 14 miles on a bike . . . wow!