August 14, 2010

Tatiana comes to visit

Tatiana got to spend a week with us.  I was sorry it was right after Girls’ Camp because I was so tired and we stayed home most of the week.  But the kids found things to do.  They made a couple of videos, played dress up, rode bikes/scooters, listened to music, and Jeannie came over to show us how to make fabric flowers, thank you!  The girls made soooo many!  On Friday we went to Sand Harbor with friends.  I love that place.  The water was really nice and there weren't as many people as I thought would be there. Rachel, Melissa, and Asher came Friday night and stayed until Sunday.  Just a quick trip to pick up Tatiana.  Saturday, we took everyone to Spooner Lake.  We enjoyed a nice 2 mile hike.  It was so pretty and the weather was really nice.  Not too hot and not too cold.  Perfect.  Saturday night we went to our favorite restaurant in Carson City...REDS 365!  My new love is ordering those southwestern know the ones with black beans and corn...well Reds delivered.  They call it the Explosion Salad.  It was so tasty.  I think everyone liked what they ordered, which is rare in our home.  We love that place.  We got to sit outside on the patio with the sun in our eyes.    On our way out, we raided the mint bowl.  I love those mints.  They are sooo good.

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