October 11, 2010


Tonight for FHE we talked about testimonies.  We talked about what a testimony is and how you share it.  We got the ‘microphone’ (aka the tripod) out and the kids practiced bearing their testimonies.  Some of them got up more than once and that’s okay because they wanted to testify of something else they had thought of.
This Sunday our children will have a unique opportunity to share their testimonies through song and spoken word in the Primary program.  The focus in Primary this year has been ‘I Know My Savior Lives’.  As parents this is easily one of our favorite sacrament meetings but the kids love it, too, for a couple of reasons.  
  1. They get to speak into the microphone.  
  2. They get to sing in front of their parents.  
  3. They get to invite their school teachers.
So tonight for our activity we made caramel apples and attached an invite for their teachers to join us on Sunday.  

The kids are so excited.  We hope their teachers will come and share in the spirit that will testify of the truthfulness of the gospel. 


Becky said...

That's a good idea. Have you always invited their school teachers?

Kat & Joe said...

Cool, I've never heard of the invite your school teacher thing. You'll have to tell us how that went. Shadrach and I have loved looking at your blog. Shadrach's favorite is M crazy hair! He keeps laughing when we look at them. I love soccer, so I think that's awesome your kids are into it. Shad keeps pointing and saying FOOTBALL!!! (poor kid he's going to be confused when we come back to the states and it's not called that anymore)